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Charged Gamer
From the makers of Nintendo Charged is a brand new site dedicated to everything gaming! News, reviews, previews and more. Daily gaming website.
Developer and publisher of interactive entertainment for a multitude of gaming platforms.
EA - Action, Fantasy, Sports, and Strategy Videogames
Develops interactive entertainment software for video game systems, personal computers, and the Internet.
Independent Games Festival
Annual event sponsored by CMP Media to award excellence in independent video game development in several categories. Background, finalists and winners from each year, how to submit a game for consideration, overview of the judging process, and press releases.
Konami America
Konami America, Consumer division website.
Gamestop Corporation
New and used video games, software, and accessories.
Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
International producer, publisher, and distributor of video games for consoles and PCs. Formerly Infogrames.
Eidos Games
Eidos specialise in PC games, Xbox games, Gamecube games, Playstation 2 games, Xbox 360 games and PSP games such as Tomb Raider, Conflict, Commandos, Championship Manager and Hitman.
Electronics Boutique Holdings Corp.
Retailer of video game hardware and software, PC entertainment, and related accessories and products.
Take 2 Games - Welcome
Publisher, developer, and distributor of interactive entertainment software, hardware, and accessories.
THQ | Choose Your Territory
THQ Inc. develops, publishes and distributes interactive entertainment software worldwide for a variety of platforms including PC CD-ROM, and those manufactured by Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.
Products include 3D Maze Man, Galactic Invasion, as well as card, puzzle and family games.
Computer and Video Games Survey
Annual quantitative survey to describe gamers hardware, software and connectivity set-ups.
TCP and UDP port settings for popular online games for Windows, PlayStation 2, and Xbox.
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