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SIGART Electronic Information Services
SIGART is the ACM Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence.
Gensym: Business Rule Management, Business Rules, BPM Software
Developer of intelligent systems that manage and improve complex, dynamic operations.
an enormous amount of resources pertaining to AI
Including intelligent agents, data mining, knowledge discovery, artificial intelligence. Biweekly newsletter available.
Essays, interviews and original programs, code, and news bulletins.
Used to solve problems in risk management, automated control and computer-aided data entry.
Processor Performance
Performance and evaluation of processors, assembly programming, and unlimited shareware.
Context in AI
A contact point on the Web for researchers who are interested in the many roles of context in artificial intelligence.
Neuron AI Directory: Artificial Intelligence resources
General AI directory
Open AI
The OpenAI site is centered around an Open Source project and community involving artificial intelligence. The term "Open Source" means that the source code for the project is available for free and can be used by others free of charge.
Articles and resources on artificial intelligence, physics and neuroscience research.
Artificial Brains
Articles on artificially intelligent hardware, organized to give topical overviews.
Artificial Intelligence Depot
Community discussions, regular tutorials, daily news, and a searchable knowledge base.
About AI
Examine the history, uses and consequences of Artificial Intelligence. Beginners can learn the basics here while researchers can access extensive technical resources.
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Humans, Volume 2: Nature-Inspired Algorithms

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